imagine ivan trying to mock alfred’s accent




there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album


I warned you





is the INTERSEX flag. Got it? Intersex; It’s not a gender.

It is not the bigender flag.

It is not the bigender flag.

It is NOT the bigender flag.

I’m getting sick and tired of clueless dyadics using stealing our flag and…

Anonymous: isn't antigender just enforcing the gender binary by having opposites?


It’s just…. idiotic. I don’t know how else I can describe it.


russell crowe is 5’11”

hugh jackman is 6’2”

if you use those as heights for javert and valjean (respectively)

that is a three inches height difference

i think you gain about two inches of height when you stand on your toes

which means javert would have to stand on his toes and lean up to kiss valjean


"Valjean, what have you done? Valjean, what is this torment?"
And as he stepped onto the ledge, Javert thought to himself that indeed something had happened to his heart of wood. This heart in which he prided himself for so many years. And instead of accepting that even he was able of change he took the final step…

In which Cosette is a photographer and Eponine is a writer and they fall apart before they fall together.

(“What happened to Marius?”
"I like kissing you better.")
Cosette knows her father never liked Eponine, but when Eponine kisses her she can’t bring herself to care (maybe pissing off her father makes her happy). And if a certain dark haired girl shows up more and more in her photographs, well, Cosette will say that there’s something to the way the girl’s fingers curl around a spine of a book. It’s half the truth.
Eponine likes waking up with Cosette. It’s easy. They tangle their legs together and share cigarettes. It doesn’t matter that she has class in an hour, or that Cosette has a shift at the coffee shop. It’s just them. Eponine likes having something all to herself for once (she keeps her stories with blonde haired angels to herself). 

HEAVENS GRIEF; HELLS RAIN || i thought of angels; choking on their halos; get them drunk of rose water || a mix for the girls whose love moves mountains [ listen ]

i. big chomper, big chomper - dr. manhattan; ii. the phoenix - fall out boy; iii. uprising - muse; iv. alone together - fall out boy; v. young volcanoes - fall out boy; vi. girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco; vii. we are young - fun.; viii. oh love - green day; ix. just one yesterday - fall out boy; x. punk rock girl - the dead milkmen; xi. killer - the ready set; xii. unpredictable - five seconds of summer; xiii. fell for you - green day; xiv. arabella - arctic monkeys